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We only work with energy suppliers who have been vetted by us to ensure we provide you with a reliable service as well as competitive energy rates.

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Completely switch your business energy contracts online.
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for your next gas or electricity rates using our postcode lookup.
your preferred rates and contract length for your business.
receive your DocuSign contract via email to lock in your new rates.
time and potentially money, as our inhouse experts manage your switch.
experts are on hand from the start of your switch and throughout your contract life.
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Are you tired of navigating through complex and time-consuming processes to find gas and electricity contracts for your business? Look no further!

Switch Your Energy is here to revolutionise the way small or medium-sized businesses switch their energy contracts. Here you can compare from a range of suppliers, choose your preferred rate, and sign your new contract all online without being hassled.

How we help your business
Electricity procurement
All businesses use electricity. Our UK-based customer service team takes care of switching, saving you hours of time and heaps of hassle.
Gas procurement
Our expert service makes it easy for you to get a great deal for your business gas. All it takes is a few clicks to start making savings for your business.
Green energy rates
Want to go Green? Some of our suppliers offer green energy quotes at no extra cost!
Switch Once Switch Forever
Renewing energy contracts is a chore. We can help! With Switch Once Switch Forever, we will ensure you are always on a great deal.
Business Energy Guides
Explore our informative guides on energy efficiency, industry trends, and cost-saving strategies. Stay informed and make empowered decisions for your business.
High Voltage (HV) Energy Users
Can you get a business energy quote if you use high voltage?
Half-Hourly Business Energy Meters Explained
What are half-hourly meters and how you can get an energy quote for your business if you have one?
Green Business Energy Benefits?
What is green energy and why should you consider switching your business onto a green tariff?
How to know if your energy bills are correct?
With our free energy bill validation service we can make sure you are not paying over the odds for your business energy.
Need some help?

Say goodbye to manual data entry!
With our innovative bill upload feature, effortlessly upload your energy bills, and let our platform analyse and compare rates tailored to your business needs. It is quick, efficient, and ensures accurate results.

"At our core, we strive to redefine the business energy switch experience, ensuring it's seamless and stress-free. We empower businesses to take charge of their energy choices, allowing them to compare rates from a range of suppliers available to them, without inundating them with phone calls.”
John Haw
Managing Director
Why use Switch Your Energy?
Why do you need to know the amount of energy that I use?
Why do you need my current supplier's name?
How much does the Switch Your Energy service cost?
How much can I save by switching suppliers?
How long does the transfer take?
Do I need to contact my existing supplier if I want to switch supplier?
Can my current supplier prevent me from switching to a new supplier?
Why use Switch Your Energy?

Using Switch Your Energy means that all you need to do is give us a few pieces of information, and we’ll find you the best deals for you in your area.

If there’s one that tickles your fancy, all you need to do then is let us know which one you’d like to go for and we’ll take care of the rest! That means no hassling calls from your current suppliers, or prospective new suppliers.

That means you don’t have to spend precious time going back and forth between the suppliers. And most importantly, that means you have a simple way to save money for your business, right at your fingertips!

Why do you need to know the amount of energy that I use?

We use a comprehensive comparison system which allows us to identify the best deals possible for you and your business in your area! Telling us the amount of energy that you use on average allows us to do this.

Why do you need my current supplier's name?

In order for us to take care of the switching on your behalf, we get in contact with both your current suppliers and the suppliers that you’d wish to switch to, so having your current supplier’s name is vital to the process. We can normally get this via our access to industry databases.

How much does the Switch Your Energy service cost?

There are no charges for generating a quote or receiving advice from Switch Your Energy as these are free of charge with no obligation to proceed any further.

Once a contract has been agreed and signed, we are remunerated by commission paid by the supplier as a result of us securing and finalising the supply contract between you and them.

The exact commission amounts will be disclosed in the individual terms and conditions sent to you, but you can find out more on our terms and conditions page.

How much can I save by switching suppliers?

The amount that you can save depends entirely on your current usage and spending situation, that’s why it’s key to get a quote from us to find out how much your savings could be, but surely every penny counts in the long run!

How long does the transfer take?

This will depend entirely upon who your current and new suppliers are, and how quickly they are able to process a switch. We can keep you in the loop at all stages though, so you’ll know what’s going on every step of the way!

Do I need to contact my existing supplier if I want to switch supplier?

Nope, we take care of all of that on your behalf, that’s the beauty of using Switch Your Energy!

Can my current supplier prevent me from switching to a new supplier?

Generally, a supplier cannot stop you from switching, but there may be an ‘exit fee’ for leaving early, which will usually be stated on your bill.

The only other time that you may have issues with switching is if you have owed your current supplier money for over 28 days, at which point you will not be able to switch until you have paid the outstanding debt.

However, if the amount of time is still under the 28-day grace period, you will be able to change, and the debt will be added to the final bill that you receive from your old supplier.